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Naturally flavoured with dry ginger root extract, The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer is without a doubt the most intense and surprising on the market. It's unexpected "kick" is what makes it stand out among Ginger Beers and a favorite of mixologist that use it to boost their cocktails.

You can of course mix it with beer to create a delicious "Shandy", or with brown rum for a "Dark n' Stormy" or with vodka to create a "Moscow Mule". Try mixing it with different kinds of alcohol to make up your own unique cocktails with a "kick".The only limit is your imagination!

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Fever grass, well known in Jamaica for its complex and sophisticated flavour, is what gives The Great Jamaican Tonic Water its distinctive kick.

Pirate Jake has done it again by fusing a British classic with a tangy Jamaican twist. The Great Jamaican Tonic Water combines classic and distinctive bitter flavours with bright citrus aromas and a hint of freshly cut grass, topped with a lasting dry finish.

Refreshing, on its own, in a timeless gin and tonic, or in your very own mixes paired with your favorite spirits.

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Naturally flavored, The Great Jamaican Bitter Lemon soda offers a perfect balance between fruity and bitter. Simply refreshing, it is excellent served as is, on ice.

Bitters have the ability to balance and extend all primary flavors, and are considered essential in the world of mixology. In particular, our bitter lemon soda mixes especially well with gin and vodka. Create your own unique mixes and add a bit of zest to your cocktails!

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The new kid on the block!

The universal symbol of exotic, the pineapple is a true crowd pleaser! Nicknamed the “King of the fruits, God even put a crown atop its head”, it was once offered to parched sailors to quench their mighty thirst, which Pirate Jake can attest to. The Great Jamaican Spicy Pineapple promises a tropical twist with a spicy finish.

The sweet and tangy flavor of pineapple combined with a light acidity makes this an essential ingredient for concocting delicious cocktails, with or without alcohol! Simply refreshing, it is also excellent served as is, on ice.

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